They’re complete – refurbished student toilets

Have you seen or heard about the newly completed toilet refurbishment at school?

Here’s what the designing architect, ShakeUp Architecture had to say…

The power of design: Our latest project toilet refurbishment at Concord High School is a symbol of creativity, beauty and a safer environment.

The result that you see was informed by feedback we received from the 60 students that took part in our “Toilet Workshop”.

The design type is an open toilet that sees the removal of walls and doors (to toilets) which maximises passive supervision and in turn reduces unwanted behavior like bullying and increases student safety. Students have more privacy than ever before with floor to ceiling partitions once they’re in the cubicals.

Thank you to the NSW state government, the $150,000 from the 2021 Community Building Partnership grant was the driver that helped us achieve a full toilet upgrade at the school.

Thank you to ShakeUp Architecture for surfacing the voice of students and designing for students.

A big thank you to everyone involved.