Our building subcommittee, creating a school to be proud of

Our new P&C Building subcommittee was formed at our September 2021 P&C meeting. We’re thrilled that CHS Head Teacher TAS & VET, Armagan Basak and a Director from School Infrastructure’s Asset Management Office, Jeff Siebels are both excited to be part of the subcommittee. It’s a great example of how the P&C is collaborating with the school and Department of Education to improve Concord High School.

Our school is overcapacity and we’re in a growing community. The first focus of the subcommittee will be to create a plan for a school environment we can all be proud of.

This could mean extended, upgraded or new facilities at the school, and there will be a school community and broader community consultation process to help inform the plan so it meets community needs.

Having a plan means we can actively seek out funding to deliver the plan. Funding sources include our tax-deductible building fund and grants.

In addition to the Building subcommittee, the P&C has created four other subcommittees

Recreation, Wellness and Student Growth

Facilities and programs that promote physical and mental wellness at the school

Learning Inclusion

A safe space to share ideas and resources for those supporting students with additional learning needs


Future direction of a comfortable, gender neutral school uniform


Secure funds to contribute to important facilities, equipment, recreation, and welfare programs

Your involvement can make a real difference to your child’s school environment. We invite you to be involved in any of these P&C subcommittees which will exist in collaboration with the school.

You can send an email to [email protected] to let us know you’d like to be involved or if you have any ideas to contribute.