2021 Wrap Up

We’ll remember 2021 as a year when the P&C continued to achieve positive change at Concord High School. We did push a little harder in 2021, and we’re glad we did.

We are grateful for the support of our community. Everyone helps in different ways. Here’s what your support helped us achieve in 2021.


  1. Almost $220,000 raised from grants
    • $150,000 state government Community Building Partnership for a toilet upgrade
    • $20,000 federal government Stronger Community grant for an alfresco BBQ
    • $5,000 federal government Volunteer grant for furniture
    • $15,000 local Club grants for mental wellness activities
    • $5,000 Canada Bay Council for mental wellness activities
    • $1,500 federal government student STEM grant for our robotics students
    • $15,000 state government environmental grant for a kitchen garden
    • $4,000 Canada Bay Club grant for amenities
  2. More than $50,000 parent and carer contributions
  3. An amazing $4,000 revenue from our annual events


  1. Our annual Comedy For A Cause at Canada Bay Club brought our school and broader community together. More than 220 community members came together to connect and we laughed until our stomach muscles hurt.
  2. We launched our first ever Christmas Tree and Pudding drive. This was very popular, and the tree supplier ran out of trees before everyone had a chance to purchase! Make sure you get in quickly to secure your tree this year.


  1. When John Sidoti MP told us there will be a Masterplan for CHS

    We are grateful that our local MPs and Canada Bay Council are accessible and support the school and P&C to help our school and broader community thrive.

    • The Member for Drummoyne made representation of Concord High School in Parliament and to the Minister for Education. Shortly after this representation we were thrilled to learn Concord High School was approved to receive a Masterplan to address the overcrowding at the school – Concord High School is 50% overcapacity, accommodating 1,300 students in a school that was built for 800-900.
    • In December 2021 the City of Canada Bay Council passed a motion to support Concord High School and made a submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into School Infrastructure supporting our school.
    • Our state and federal MPs always notify us of grant and other funding opportunities. We are thrilled when they take a tour of the school and grateful for their helpful suggestions.
  2. Our school truly is a community resource. Ten community groups use our much loved school and we think it is amazing our school is accessible afternoons and weekends so community groups can come together and feel a sense of place.


We were devastated to uncover in April 2021 our school oval had an asbestos management plan, our female students were short 16 toilets and all students were short outdoor seating by 50%.

  1. In May 2021 we received confirmation from the Minister for Education the oval would be replaced with a multipurpose sports field available at the end of the January 2022 school holidays.
  2. While it took 2 terms, School Infrastructure provided demountable toilets to fill the toilet shortfall. We do not see this as a permanent solution.
  3. School Infrastructure announced an increase in outdoor seating at Concord High School. We’re very pleased this will mean there is adequate seating for students, though 9 months after the discovery of the seating shortfall we still do not have the additional seating.

Cornilleau Outdoor Table Tennis Table


  1. In 2021 we purchased an outdoor table tennis table and the school will receive delivery of the table shortly. We are hopeful that we will soon receive a grant we’ve recently applied for so we can provide an additional 5 of these table tennis tables.
  2. We’re excited to participate in the process to create a Masterplan for Concord High School and looking forward to understanding the scope, deliverables and timeline of this program of work.
  3. Out of sheer frustration with the slow pace of infrastructure change at the school, the P&C engaged architects Gardner Wetherill to create a blueprint to update the indoor learning spaces at the school. We will have architectural drawings at the end of February 2022 that we will share with you and take to our local MPs to help secure funding to deliver.
  4. We’re partnering with Concord Men’s Shed to craft items at the school to create memorable moments for our students and teachers.
  5. We’re keen to partner with the school to have community events such as a Moonlight Cinema and concerts on the new multipurpose sports field.
  6. We’re working with the school to distribute grant funds so mental wellness programs toilet upgrades and other facility improvements and additions can be delivered.


We’re looking forward to the school’s annual welcome Year 7 BBQ 22 February 2022 where we’ll be joined by local MPs Fiona Martin and John Sidoti who helped fund elements of this event.

There are opportunities to help us continue the momentum, from as little as 1 hour of your time per term.

Please keep connected.