A Masterplan for Concord High School

Mr John Sidoti MP pictured with CHS P&C Vice Presidents Linda Dunkin and Natasha Mogilin

Our P&C learned in our regular catch-up with John Sidoti MP this morning that the NSW Department of Education will fund a Masterplan for our school.

A Masterplan involves an architect engaging the school and other community stakeholders to understand the needs of the school, and understand population growth projections to ensure the school is a resource fit-for-purpose for our community for years to come.

The P&C established a Building sub-committee in September 2021 and following that provided community feedback to John Sidoti about our school. You can read John’s speech in Parliament after hearing the feedback. Fast forward two months and we are thrilled to have a Masterplan commitment.

The P&C has established a number of collaborative relationships with our community and this is a fantastic example of the outcome of our collaborations.

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