Survey results are in!

Recently we asked our community to provide feedback on concepts that would update and expand seating at the school.

We’re thrilled we had more than 100 respondents! Thank you.

We also love that this exercise created conversation with parents, carers and their children about the school environment. You told us you usually talk about homework and friendships and that this was an important way for your children to provide feedback about the school environment.

The key themes from your responses are below.

  1. There was a positive first response to the concepts
  2. However there were genuine concerns this did not address the functionality of the existing COLA space, and that this might become an even more crowded, congested, noisy space
  3. Followed by further concerns the seating location might make students who use other areas of the school feel less valued
  4. The mix of old and new items was considered aesthetically unpleasing, caused confusion and fears of exclusion
  5. And even more concerns emerged that this design did not allow for real social connection or provide spaces for students who wanted some respite
  6. Pragmatically, for these designs to work, basic hygiene at the school needs to improve – more bins, maintain the toilets and permanently remove the chewing gum and bird poo
  7. Given the perceived lack of attention to maintenance at the school, many asked for a commitment to sustaining the new spaces
  8. There were a few items missing – sun/rain coverage, handball courts and recreational amenities
  9. There was a strong sense the oval concepts lacked purpose

Feedback has been provided to the architect. Revisions coming soon.

Please keep feedback coming.