How we achieved a renewed focus on improving facilities at Concord High School

The Concord High School P&C Exec team often meet with Mr John Sidoti MP to discuss community feedback about our school.

We’ve had a whirlwind of events in October and wanted to share what’s happened.

Thursday 7 October

John was a guest speaker at our P&C Building sub-committee kick-off meeting. He asked to be able to walk around the school.

Monday 11 October

P&C President Kathryn Zerk, Principal Victor Newby, Fiona Martin MP and John Sidoti MP did a walking tour of the school.

Thursday 14 October

John Sidoti MP dedicated his full speaking time in Parliament to highlight community concerns about Concord High School. You can read his speech on Parliament’s website where he highlighted the concerns of our community

  1. Student numbers. The school must be included in transparent communication with the department. That is an important step in order to understand and ascertain projected enrolments once the new high school at Wentworth Point, Sydney Olympic Park, opens.
  2. School amenities. There needs to be a holistic vision for the future of the school to give the community certainty about planned upgrades and an overall infrastructure pipeline.
  3. Funding. There is a real need for more counsellors to support students, particularly during this challenging time.

We’re excited about what’s next…

Wednesday 20 October

John will meet with the Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning, the Hon. Sarah Mitchell, MLC to discuss the issues he raised in Parliament.

We’re excited about the possibilities with a focus on making our well-loved school even better.

Remember you can provide feedback to the P&C via our website form.