We’d love your feedback on updated seating and multipurpose sports facility concepts

A Concept Plan for additional seating at Concord High School, along with the oval redevelopment has been presented to Concord High School P&C for review with our community.

You can view the concept plan via Dropbox.

We’ve completed some parent/student empathy interviews and are gaining valuable insights about the concepts and amazing suggestions about improvement opportunities.

Empathy interviews have been valuable because they’ve created discussion between parents, carers and their children about the state of the facilities at the school and ways these concepts can address facility issues.

We’d love to hear from our passionate community members so we can provide meaningful feedback on the designs you can see here and via Dropbox.

Because we understand people like to provide feedback in different ways, here are four channels to provide feedback so you can choose which one suits you best.

  1. CHS P&C Facebook Group
  2. Email feedback to [email protected]
  3. Email us to discuss concepts [email protected]
  4. Anonymous feedback via the form on our website