How to make a tax deductible donation to provide more air con at school

We are seeking tax deductible donations from our community to help fund air conditioning in the Science, Music and Visual Arts faculties at Concord High School

Here’s why…

  • The P&C recently received feedback from teachers at the school identifying the need to provide air conditioning in areas of the school where there is no air conditioning
  • Indoor air quality can affect a person’s health and wellbeing – students and teachers spend up to 6 hours inside at school for 200 days every year
  • With comfortable indoor air quality and temperatures, students and teachers can learn and work more efficiently

It’s easy to make a donation

  1. Go to the Donation page on the P&C’s website
  2. Choose from a one-off donation or monthly subscription donation you can cancel at any time
  3. Once you’ve made a payment you’ll receive an Invoice for tax purposes that you can use if you are eligible to claim with the ATO

Delivering the air con

The P&C will work with School Infrastructure NSW (SINSW) and the school to ensure the air conditioning is delivered by SINSW so it is effective and compliant, and funds prioritised appropriately.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated

We’re so grateful for the generous donations already received.

Making a contribution is easy and there are different payment options. Please take a look at the Donation page on the P&C’s website.