How we achieved a multipurpose sports space

Concord High School’s P&C network is strong. Here’s how we recently rallied our network to drive positive change at our school.

Councillor Andrew Ferguson

After a number of community members expressed concern about asbestos at the school and concerns about the asbestos management plan for the school, we reached out to City of Canada Bay Councillor Andrew Ferguson for advice. Andrew is also Patron of the Asbestos Diseases Foundation Australia.

Andrew’s advice led to a series of events and eventually the shocking photos of the state of the school oval were published in the Inner West Courier. This caught the attention of the Department of Education which has now agreed to replace the oval with a multipurpose sports area.

Here’s part of Anton Rose’s article that made the Department of Education take notice and act.

Earlier this month the department said there was no risk to students but it was only after images were provided showing the state of the field that officials then deemed to carry out works.

Unsafe parking bays on Stanley Street at Concord High School

Andrew is passionate and committed to public education. In fact Andrew’s children Pablo and Camilo attended Concord High School and his father Jack Ferguson was part of the opening of Concord High School while he was NSW Minister for Public Works at the time.

Andrew continues to advocate for our school community. Recently he requested Canada Bay Council upgrade the Stanley Street road, footpaths and parking bays at the front of Concord High School. At the moment they are unsafe.

In a recent conversation Andrew told the P&C “While there is obviously the prospect of damage to cars, more importantly the road potholes are a trip hazard to students, teachers, parents and anyone using this street. If a car swerves to avoid one of the many potholes we could have a serious accident.”

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