We’ve secured $30,000 to help improve school amenities

Concord High School’s P&C actively seeks and secures funds to help improve spaces at the school.

So we’re thrilled to share that we’ve secured $30,000 so far this year to help deliver new amenities in outdoor spaces at the school. This includes

  • A $20,000 Federal Government Stronger Community grant
  • Almost $10,000 from our Comedy for a Cause event, including a $4,000 grant from Canada Bay Club

Our school has many beautiful spaces. However some of them need some TLC. That’s why the P&C decided to use the $30,000 to help fund improved outdoor spaces at the school.

As we explored where our funds would have the most impact, we unearthed some concerning amenity shortfalls at the school.

  • Female students were short 16 toilets
  • Parent reports that not every female toilet had a sanitary bin
  • All students were short outdoor seating by 50%
  • Media reports about asbestos management

Insufficient, ageing outdoor seating will be replaced

These shortfalls are being addressed. School Leadership is working very hard and closely on a project with the Department of Education’s Asset Management Office (AMO). This project has already remedied the toilet shortfalls with temporary demountable toilets and we’re excited about some of the other initiatives this project will deliver. In fact we’re thrilled the AMO has briefed a designer to create improved outdoor spaces including enough contemporary outdoor seating that doubles as outdoor learning areas, water filling stations and a multipurpose sports space with additional seating.

There will be new water filling stations

We’re looking forward to seeing the designs from the AMO as part of the community consultation process. And we’re excited that our students and teachers can make use of the improved school grounds as soon as term 1 2022.

And we’ll share these designs here in our News section and on our Facebook group – we’re expecting the school to share them shortly. We’ll also ensure community feedback is taken into consideration and incorporated in the designs. We’re mindful that the needs of the growing student population, teachers and the ten community groups that use the school are met.

If you hear of any grant or other funding opportunities please get in touch.