Mascot costume and more

We had a really exciting meeting discussing several funding requests and being able to vote to fund many exciting projects around the school. So far this year we have funded :

  • Lion dancers and French mime performer for Harmony Week
  • Year 10 peer support students to have a small part of camp fees covered to attend year 7 camp
  • Library furniture including 2 new sofas and new shelving
  • New robotics kits for use in class and lunch clubs
  • New sports uniforms for students representing the school
  • and the Magpie Mascot costume

We are about to undertake a project to fundraise for new seating outside the side office and will soon have our tax deductible “building fund” account ready to accept donations towards our goal of purchasing new benches. If you are eligible to claim tax you might want to consider a donation to help us with our goal of funding these new benches.

The Concord High School P&C received approval from the ATO to establish a tax deductible building fund from 18 February 2020. All donations to the fund over $2 are tax deductible. Donations to the Fund may only be used to acquire, construct or maintain school buildings & fixtures – as per the Australian Tax Office regulations – and we will fund only those projects discussed and approved at P&C meetings.

Our website team are working hard to have this up and running soon.